About Synovate Global

Synovate Global’s purpose is to enable businesses and organisations to operate with confidence, safety and optimal efficiency. We help you to mitigate risk and proactively manage your populations’ health status through cutting edge medical products, supported by clinical and occupational health services and underpinned by undisputed blockchain technology.


Synovate Global is a joint venture between BHA-Medical and Catenae Innovation Plc.

BHA-Medical provide the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine. They combine this with clinical expertise and excellence to deliver an enriched quality of service for our customers across the globe.


Catenae are at the forefront of digital transformation globally. They provide a range of solutions which help organisations to better manage and control their operations through safe, secure Data Management Platforms, Digital Passport Apps and Dynamic Data Intelligence Dashboards.

Meet the team

Guy Meyer


Guy leads the business for the UK & Europe. Guy has significant experience leading tech companies and providing consultation services to a range of sectors.


Mike Hough


Mike is our business lead for the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Australasia. Mike has worked across and consulted for multiple medical and innovation-led companies globally.


Gavyn Hough


Gavyn is our business lead for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas. Gavyn has global experience delivering medical and clinical solutions for businesses, institutions and governments.

Mark Schroder

Global Operations Director

Mark oversees our global operations. He has extensive experience in logistics and distribution having been active in the industry for over 20 years.


Professor Richard Lyon


Medical Advisor

Richard is our lead medical advisor. He has extensive experience in providing medical advice to corporations, institutions, governments and VIPs globally.


Alan Simpson

Technical Consultant

Alan manages the Synovate Global Operating System. Alan leads our team of tech engineers and specialists, keeping our Operating System optimized and tailoring it for our customers.


John Farthing

Finance Director

John’s background is in stockbroking, working with both UK listed and private companies.