Synovate Global's

Blockchain Operating System

Helping businesses and organisations safely and securely monitor and manage their populations for Covid-19.

  • Fully compliant with PHE’s Covid database. 

  • Fully scalable, cloud-based platform.

  • Fast, safe and reliable, utilising blockchain technology.

  • Demonstrable provenance. 

  • Secure encrypted digital wallet.

  • GDPR compliant.

  • Uniquely designed to mitigate risk while building organisational and country-wide resilience.

  • Fully customisable for any business, organisation or institution.


How the Platform works

  1. Individual’s details and test results are inputted into platform

  2. Covid-19 population status is fed to mobile Dashboards

  3. An individual’s status can be sent to their mobile via a push-notification, SMS or email

  4. For the UK, in compliance with PHE’s requirements, test results are securely uploaded into PHE’s Covid database

  5. Reminders to attend a booster vaccination appointment can be automated within the operating system

Intelligent Data Platform:
delivering full visibility and control

Data is the raw intel that any state, business or organisation needs. Clearly presented, segmented data gives you a powerful tool to make informed decisions and quickly take action, keeping you in control.

We offer fully customisable, dynamic ‘Data Intelligence Dashboards’.  They provide full visibility of what’s happening within any business or organisations’ population. Managers can drill down to a truly granular level to understand on multiple data sets such as Covid-19 hotspots or administered vaccines by location, gender and ethnicity.


Furthermore, the Operating System can send push notifications, SMS or emails to individuals, specific groups or a businesses or organisations’ entire population.


The ability to analyse the effectiveness of interventions and adapt, improve and communicate en masse is a significant benefit to businesses and organisations.

Examples of instant access anonymised Covid-19 data analytics include:

  • Antigen

  • Date of last Antigen test

  • Antibody (IgA & IgM, IgG)

  • Date of last Antibody test

  • Covid-19 vaccination

  • Date of next Covid-19 booster

  • Influenza

  • Date of last Influenza test

  • Date of last Influenza vaccination

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Postcode

Dashboard graphic UK.jpg

Managers can also send push notifications to individuals, specific teams or the whole population from the operating system directly to Users’ mobiles. For example, to advise about their location being a Covid hotspot.

MOBILE - Push Notification.jpg

Operating system App: 
providing an individual’s Covid status
compliantly and securely, at scale

The platform is augmented with a mobile app which enables individuals to carry their test results with them securely and acts as their ‘pass card’ to come into your environment safely. It also provides a means to record future vaccinations and expiry dates.

App 1.1.png

Step 1

User signs into the App.

App 2.png

Step 2

User can show their Covid-19 status certificate when requested to do so, e.g. to an employer, school / higher education body or doctor.

App 3.png

Step 3

User selects Covid-19 Test Certificate. The certificate Hash is unique to the user and the certificate and showing document stored in Blockchain.

App 4.png

Step 4

Gatekeeper can see details of the certificate for further proof of test result.

App 1.5.png

Step 5

User shows Official their 

App screen which gives visual ID check user and ‘Use once only’ QR code which can be scanned by the Official if needed. 

App 6.png

Step 6

Green indicates Access is 

approved; Red means Access denied.

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