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Safe and Secure

Our operating system is secure on multiple levels.

  • Due to the nature of blockchain, all transactions cannot be fraudulently tampered with. Any alterations are automatically written to the blockchain, meaning the original source documents or transactions will always be available for cross reference and a full audit trail of all transactions, alterations and updates can be provided for validation of identity and Covid-19 status.

  • Synovate Global can also host the operating system for you.

  • All servers are mirrored reducing the risk of data loss.

  • Optionally, our operating system is held within your own secure network it will use all your security systems and protocols.

  • Synovate Global can also host the operating system for you.

  • Sign on glass for extra administrator validation.

  • Iris recognition for added user security.

  • We are currently being ISO 27001 accredited; we are UK and South Africa based and we conform to high level cyber secure policies.

  • Cyber Essentials Accredited.

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Data processing speed is essential to ensure that businesses and organisations have the latest, most accurate data at their fingertips. Synovate Global deliver this, faster than other global data management platforms.

Synovate Global’s platform

Over 300k transactions

per second

4 x faster than

Visa’s global platform

65k transactions

per second

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Our services are delivered from highly efficient elastic infrastructures.

The architectural technical design of the systems allows for as many duplicate platforms to be created within hours through auto-build processes. This ensures that there’s always sufficient bandwidth and processing power to provide the 24/7 instant-access mobile interface as you roll out testing across the nation.

Synovate Global's Platform Strengths