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Test, Monitor & Manage Programme

COVID-19 remains the biggest global threat to health and the economy. The only way to keep businesses, organisations and workplaces open and safe is to have comprehensive solutions to maintain safety, enable Covid confidence and rapidly respond to suspected cases. Increasingly, the corporate and private sectors are putting in place tailored solutions, over and above government guidelines, to create safer environments.

Near patient testing, internal track and monitoring, together with having tailored, clinically approved guidelines are vital to effectively responding to Covid-19.


Near Patient Testing

  • Antigen swab testing now allows the immediate identification of acute Covid cases, including asymptomatic screening, with an accuracy similar to lab-based testing, in just 20 minutes.

  • Triple antibody testing (IgA/IgM/IgG), through a simple skin-prick blood test, allows both the detection of acute cases, confirmation of previous Covid-19 infection and reassurance of negative tests, in just 20 minutes.


Internal track and monitoring operating system

Businesses and organisations need to have systems in place to track, monitor and manage the health status of their populations.

  • A safe, secure operating system with integrated, customisable App enables individuals to update health and test data, allowing real-time data tracking to power immediate decision-making.

  • Within the UK, an operating system which aligns with PHE’s new requirements for all Covid test results to be uploaded securely and compliantly to their system.

How the Programme works

Synovate Global created the ‘Test, Monitor & Manage Programme’ to help businesses and organisations enable trust, certainty and control during the pandemic and beyond.

Our triple service offering provides the most advanced technologies in medicine, clinical expertise and tech, enabling businesses and organisations to mitigate risk.


 The Synovate Global ‘Test, Monitor & Manage Programme’ delivers:

  • Antai Triple Antibody Test (exclusive to Synovate Global in the UK) and the UK Government Predetermined Scientific Healgen Antigen Test.

  • Our blockchain-powered operating system which includes safe, secure Data Management Platforms, mobile Apps, dynamic Data Intelligence Dashboards. Collectively they enable the monitoring and rapid response management Covid-19 outbreaks.


  • Fully compliant with PHE’s new requirements for the secure upload of all Covid test results.


  • A range of CQC registered occupational health and clinical services providers who can provide Near Patient Testing Training and ongoing clinical and diagnostic support for your inhouse medical, first aid or health and safety teams.


  • Health teams can also be trained to input the results into a portal that will deliver intelligent insights to you on a dashboard, enabling you to respond in a fast and targeted way to any outbreak.

Tailoring our Test, Monitor & Manage Programme

for businesses and organisations

Building Intelligence provides you with greater business and organisational resilience by giving you enhanced management over the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Our blockchain operating system can be delivered entirely from a secure cloud environment and have APIs into existing IT systems. Or it can sit within your network, fully integrated with and protected by your own security systems and protocols.

  • GDPR compliant.

  • All data is securely uploaded to the central operating system with all uploads geo-tagged, date & time stamped.

  • For the UK, all test result data will be uploaded into PHE’s Covid database.

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